Luxury Line Your Eyes!

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Luxury line? Yep, Eyeliner has just gone one step up! It is already a constant on all high fashion catwalks as much as in most of our staple makeup bag, to sum it up: Eyeliner is amazing!!!

My favourite product form are Gel Liners. They are easy peasy to apply and they last and last and .... yes. You got it. Last. They can mimic a defined line like a liquid liner or the smudge soft edges of a pencil, they can even be used in the inner rim.

Eyeliner suits any eye shape and colour and transform any look.

In my professional kit I use them A LOT. So I was super excited to hear that Jane Iredale just released a very luxurious version: The Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner. As usual the ingredients go far beyond makeup, they contain skincare! As they combine new technologies they pair natural coconut oil with silicones. If you aren't a beauty geek, never mind, you will love this regardless even if you can't be impressed with new ingredient combinations and high tech formulas, in the end what you will notice is a smooth easy application and lasting result. I was instantly in love with the pretty little glass jar with the golden lid. It is water resistant which makes it great for humid weather and weddings, or for the movie theater, when you watch one of those know?

PRO TIP: If you always struggle to get a smooth line with your eyeliner, try using an angled brush! It will do the work for you as you just stamp along your lashline! No more excuses :)