Trying out the Good Green Box

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Good Green Box Toxin Free Makeup Artist Sydney Liv Lundelius Organic Makeup

Back on the topic of how to find and discover green beauty products, there are some services that send out little bits and pieces of beautiful clean cosmetics.

One of them is Good Green Box, who was recently kind enough to gift me one of their boxes to review. I really like the idea, especially if you are someone that loves trying new things or just testing out samples before you buy.

The box consists of some full-size products and a selection of little samples.
There will always be a saving in getting the box versus buying the products separately. You can see what is in current boxes or has been in previous ones to give you a good idea.

The Good Green Box also has an online shop, so if you fall in love with any of the samples or products you can buy them via their website, often they offer special discounts and promotions for these as well.

Pretty sweet idea, no?

So the way it works is that you sign up for a subscription and you get a box delivered every monthly. Of course, this is a nice company, so there are no sneaky lock-in contracts, you can cancel anytime.

Here is what was in my box:

Full Size:
Pure Deo Co Natural Deodorant

I had never tried this brand. I received the Orange & Cedar fragrance, which is super pleasant.
I also like the simple and practical packaging, it comes as a stick and is super easy to apply.
However, it does contain Sodium Bicarb, which can irritate super sensitive skins.
Although my skin is sensitive, I haven't had a reaction to it. THe ingredients are super pure and clean. This product does contain Beeswax, so it's not entirely vegan. Aluminium free, Cruelty-Free!

Karen Murrell Lipstick
You already know that I am quite a fan of her lipsticks. And I have received a colour I haven't tried yet, whoop!This product does contain Beeswax, so it's not entirely vegan. 100% cruelty-free, non-toxic

Samples of the following:
Fresh Therapies Natural Polish Remover

It's my favourite, it's the best natural remover I have tried. It just simply works and it doesn't have that toxic strong smell of regular removers. It is the best alternative. I am using this on a regular basis in full size.

The others samples were:
The Devine Company Certified Organic Gradual Tan Natural Bronzer,

which looked and smelled like a great product, yet it's tricky to review from just a sample.
It has great ingredients, though, so I am sure it would work a treat. 100% organic, non-toxic

Be Genki Body Oil
Delicious smelling and pure oil, 100% vegan and organic! Love.

Baimeni Sweet Australian Almond Oil Cleanser

It doesn't get more gentle than this. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin and great for oil cleansing and removing makeup. 100% vegan, organic, cruelty-free.