Possibly The Best Body Scrub! Ever.

Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Scrub Review Vegan Beauty Review Sydney
Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse Review Vegan Beauty Sydney

My favourite Body Scrub, which I kinda forgot to include into my fav body products video is the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub by Eco Tan.

(Do you know how much I love their Face Tan Water? I wrote about it here.)

The scrub is recommended to be used on dry skin prior to stepping into the shower.
I LOVE it. Makes me feel as if I am having a Spa treatment. It gets rid of any dryness and nourishes the skin instantly. Once you shower it off you come out of the shower smooth and supple, no body lotion needed. That's why they recommend using it 48h before using a self-tan, as otherwise, I can imagine the tan not sticking as well. I use this as my regular scrub not matter if I choose to use any self-tan or not. Living in Sydney and loving the outdoors I hardly ever use a fake tan. There have been exceptions lately, as this Summer was just full of either heat wave days or rain, not many opportunities to get some sun :( Plus being pregnant I haven't been able to tolerate heat very well. So I became used to helping my bronze along with some natural, bottled options. I think I am not the only one smitten by this products, as it's won quite a few awards already.

I am also a fan of the Cacao Firming Body Mousse, which I have been applying before our maternity shoot and also before my baby shower. It's so easy to apply and gives a nice even glow.
I have always left it on for 4hours to get a bit more colour out of it. As I am naturally quite tanned I just want it to even out my skin and make it glow, it doesn't really make it any darker, which would be different if you are very fair, to begin with. The most amazing thing is that the product is all organic, no nasties here! That's why I was happy to even use it now during pregnancy.

I am looking forward to using it in Winter postpartum, to make myself feel in good shape!
Now in pregnancy, it really helps to conceal all the little spider veins over my legs. (I am crossing my fingers they will disappear after pregnancy...I have just been on my feet working way too much during this pregnancy and have quite bad veins showing) 

The best thing is that it's non-smelly and super quick and easy to use.

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