Jane Irdeale's All New Gloss & Spring Collection

The look above can be achieved with Jane Iredale "Rose" Lip Pencil and "Pink Lady" PureGloss on the lips and new PurePressed Eyeshadow Kit "Naturally Glam" and "Clearly Pink" blush!
Editorial for Hello May Magazine photographed by Steve Baccon

One more month of Winter left, it's time to get ready for Spring! Whooop!
I just received the brand new stunning Jane Iredale Spring collection with newly formulated vegan Lip Gloss and beautiful new shades.

As always, everything is very wearable, beautifully soft and neutral colours, classic red lips "Gwen" and three beautiful glosses. To be honest, I was worried when I heard they changed their gloss, as it's a real favourite product of mine and I thought it was perfect. Well, turns out there was room for minimal improvement and I still love the new PureGloss. Even a tiny bit more.
They have more of a lemony scent but nothing overwhelming or artificial and the texture feels even lighter and less sticky. Other than that they are just as great as usual: Hydrating, super-glossy and very well lasting for a gloss! It comes in three colours which are all great.

I already loved using the new colours and can't wait to play some more with them.
Jane Iredale, you are just sooooo good in making cruelty-free, toxin-free makeup that is professional quality! Thank you!

Most Jane Iredale Products are vegan, even the lip gloss and lipsticks!
(With very few exceptions The Crayons and Lip Plumpers sadly do contain beeswax/lanolin, some products contain Royal Jelly or Carmine. They have a great website though, which clearly states vegan or non-vegan products, so there is no confusion! Again: All products are certified cruelty-free though)

Also: did you ever check out all the One Minute Makeup Looks, I created for them last year?
It was just a great and fun experience, yet bad timing. I just found out I was pregnant and the morning/all day sickness was in full swing. Yet it was still a secret, so I flew over to Noosa, all green in the face filming all these videos. Super long days on my feet and I was feeling soooo squeezy guys. It's funny when I think about it now. I am still wondering if people thought I was a bit weird on set...
Anyhow, there is your fun fact and check out some of the videos for quick makeup inspiration!