Beauty Hacks For New Mums - MASKS

sleeping beauty mask .jpg

Masks are like a mini facial at home. They are so fun and give your skin a boost.
While finding time to mess with a traditional clay or creme mask can be tough, I have found some clever next generation masks that are perfect for new Mums. Or at least they work for me :)
I have been drafting on this Beauty Hacks post for a while and I always end up adding more and more tips and content...
This is not just for Mum's but for everyone that is time poor but feels in need for some special treats and boosters :)
I am in no way suggesting that Mum's need to look good at all times. I personally love to pamper myself a little bit and do something healthy for myself. Nutrition, rest, movement and meditation are most important as self care! But there is nothing wrong with Masking either :)

So: I was deciding to turn this into a little series instead!

1. Overnight Masks - Think Sleeping Beauty
While we miss out on a little bit of our beauty sleep we can help our skin by using night time masks. The next generation of these combines cleansing actions of clay masks with hydrating and regenerating oils for the perfect balance. Of course, you can use them during the day too.
I put mine on the evening when we sometimes get to watch a movie (or Star Trek Episode... we are totally addicted guys! How good are all these old Star Trek Episodes?) or read or chat. By the time we go to bed it has absorbed enough so I can leave it on over night without making a mess. It actually happens pretty quickly but I don't want to risk smothering my pillow cases.
If you want to apply it right before bed, use a thin layer instead.
The next morning my skin glows! I then wash my face as usual and am fresh for the day.

There are two new masks that I like:

Divine Ultra Perfecting Mask
Ultra Perfecting is a pretty high claim. What is perfect anyways? I surrender to the imperfect beauty of things these days...
But: This mask does really balance the skin. It's a clever combination of White Clay (cleansing), Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating) & a combination of nourishing oils. It's certified organic and without nasties.

& Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse
This has made me waking up radiant, which is pretty amazing. It's a real treat to use in the evening especially since this has the most luxurious natural scent of Rose Otto! But besides that it feels good for the soul the ingredients are top notch.
 Australian Pink Clay and the volcanic mineral Zeolite purify the skin, removing impurities to prevent breakouts whilst at the same time support skin cell renewal and rejuvenation. Avocado Oil (5 Alpha Avocuta) reduces excess oil production and soothes whilst Acai and Snowflower Seed Oil hydrate and nourish the skin, promoting flawless radiance.

2. Sheet Masks

I can't get enough of sheet masks. Easy-Peasy, rinse free and immediate results. Can be used any time of day! These are best for an immediate glow effect.
My favourite is this one, which I have already told you about.
Make sure not to use Sheet Masks on very dry skin though, you want to moisturize and treat your skin first. Sheet masks are hydrating boosters but they don't offer the richness or comfort of a cream mask. That's why I love them most in warmer weather! Also perfect for holidays, for plane travel and to bring to little getaways.
If your skin is dry/flakey you want to use a balm or right night cream as a treatment instead and use the sheet mask when your skin is back to normal.

I hope you got inspired! Mask On Mamas!