New Vegan Arnica Concealer By Ere Perez

The other day I received a beautiful package with the latest Natural Concealers by Ere Perez.
I had a chance to play with them and really like the colour selection.

The timing was great too, as I just got a pimple (the first one in over one year! I have been blessed with great skin during pregnancy and so far during breastfeeding) This little Arnica Concealer was hiding my spot very well and it healed very quickly.

These little pots are packed with pigment and cover blemishes with ease. I was impressed.
Full scores for coverage!

The texture is creamy but quite dry, perfect if you need your concealer to stay put or for combination/oily skin. I mixed some with my moisturiser for other areas of redness, around my nose etc and it worked well and gave me a very nice finish.

These concealers are vegan and full of great, natural ingredients, like Arnica that actually help to reduce inflamation and redness. Again, another plus when using this to cover Acne, pimples and similar skin conditions. No nasties in here either.

Best to be used with a synthetic concealer brush.
When used for the under eye area, hydrate and prep skin well beforehand with a good eye cream. Then gently pat the concealer into the skin. Same goes for dry areas.
I also find this works well mixed with a little moisturizer for a medium all over coverage to even out the skin tone.

The packaging:
Little Glass Jars look and feel luxe while being easy to recycle.

The Verdict:
I really like it. I think every concealer has a strength.
They are either perfect under eye or blemish concealers. And while this one is a multi tasker I feel it's strength lies in covering blemishes, uneven skintone, pigmentation etc.
This one is a full coverage concealer. And it's amazing for all the above.
I personally prefer lightweight, liquidy and lightreflecting concealers for the under eye area, but keep in mind that you can achieve great results with this if you hydrate well with eye cream and prefer a full coverage.