Natural Holiday & NYE Makeup Tutorial

I somehow managed to record this just before Christmas, but with some technical issues it took days to upload. However, it's up and live now, just in time for NYE.

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial.

A great start to the new year and all the glow & happiness from us to you!
Thank you for reading and following along, I am looking forward to 2018!

Products used:
Verdura Hydrating Mist Lotus via The V-spot
Edible Beauty Luminous Angel Drops (Highlighter)
Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm (use LIV15 at checkout for 15%off)
Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation
Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara
Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Palette in Beautiful
Fra Lippo Lippie in Red Betty
Jane Iredale Great Shape Eyebrow Kit
Jane Iredale Mattifying HD Powder in Translucent


PATCH: Organic Bandages For All Kinds Of Boo-Boos


Have you seen PATCH? No?
It's a really great organic & toxin-free alternative to your good old band-aid.
I just got these cuties sent and had to share!
Faye just got to the age of bumps & boo-boos, trying to balance on her feet & crawling, scooting around. I remember quite clearly all the scraped knees of my own childhood and I know that these strips will come in handy for all the years to come.
But I am also happy that these are such a cool option for babies & kids, as they are suitable for those with the most sensitive skin. Made with a gentle pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), certified organic bamboo fibre and organic bamboo gauze. They are also
THIMEROSAL FREE  - MERTHIOLATE FREE   - LATEX FREE . Which makes them hypoallergenic and safe to use on little ones and adults alike.


And they really did a great job on the outside, too! The brown recycled paper tubes with sleek typography are just SO beautiful to look at! Packaging absolutely nailed. I will even keep them around for Faye to play with.


There is a kids version of the cutest Panda print, which to be honest, is totally what I would choose to wear myself. This one is enriched with Coconut Oil, which means no more red marks or nasty reactions from plasters. These are super soft and easy to remove, but they do stick very well at the same time. Created for the future eco warriors.
They further have a simple and plain version that is a nude colour and without any extra ingredients, perfect for the minimalist ;)
The black strip version with activated charcoal, which helps wound healing especially for bites, splinters & grazes and a Tan strip version, enriched with Aloe Vera, they speed up wound healing and are perfect for burns, blisters, grazes & scrapes. Cool, huh?

I am overall quite inspired how these guys took such a simple, yet boring product and really turned it around offering a safe, healthy, eco-friendly & very well designed product!

Thumbs up from this Mama and highly recommended!
Here is to all our adventures!

Be Smart & Keep Your Cup

You might have seen on my Insta that I am a keep cup-er...
Becoming a Mum just somehow made me extra eco-conscious. Our little bub will inherit this world or what will be left of it, so I feel super responsible and trying to my best to model sustainable living.
Living by the water also shows me after every storm how much plastic and waste ends up in our ocean, which is pretty heartbreaking...
Australians throw away over 1 billion single use coffee cups every year which end up in our landfill, as we lack the infrastructure to recycle the polyethelene inner of the single use cup.
Single-use plastic water bottles can take over 1,000 years to degrade, and we only recycle around one third of what we use. The rest ends up in landfill as waste, or in the ocean as marine debris, often killing wildlife.

But here are the good news:
It's easy to take small steps towards a #zerowaste lifestyle. Bringing tote bags to the supermarket, using cloth nappies, bringing keep cups for your daily coffee run... filter your water at home and bring your own water bottles & don't use plastic straws.

I bring my own cup to the coffee shop most of the time! It seems like such an easy but small step for the planet but it also has lots of other benefits. I am also always greeted with a big smile by my barista: "Did you bring your special cup?" Yep. My cup is pretty special.
Some cafes also give you a discount for bringing your own cup.

My Frank Green Cup is actually smart. It closes properly and doesn't spill which is a real plus when I am with baby Faye, doggie Dalston & several shopping bags :) Also amazing for car rides! It also keeps my drink warm for longer, which most Mum's will really appreciate. Did I mention already that it looks super cool too? It comes in great colours and stylish monochromes, won a design award and somehow they just worked out the flow perfectly too. Yes, it's made from plastic, but the toxin-free kind and it's also completely recyclable at the end of is life. Which I expect to be a long one, it's so well made. And if your brain doesn't really function in the morning and you forgot to bring your cash or card, don't worry you can even pay with this cup! Just tap & go!  I told you it's a smart cup.
Their matching eco water bottles are super good looking and lightweight
as well. They come with a smart hydration app too. For me personally not necessary as I am drinking water all day long and naturally keep well hydrated without keeping track of it. But this might come in handy for people who don't drink enough water.

I also have another set of coffee cups & water bottles by Earth Bottles. These babies are made from stainless steel, sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. They also look great and earthy with their wood print designs. While these coffee cups don't close they are lovely to just wander around the park with. They keep the temperature very well. the same goes for the beautiful stainless steel water bottles.
I also use their reusable stainless steel straws for my smoothies. Plastic straws are another biggie to avoid and these reusable ones are pretty amazing. They come in different diameters too, so they even work for the thickest smoothies or shakes.

These are the ones I use, but I know there are many good brands of reusable cups & bottles out there, something for everyone. Now, be smart & keep your cup :)

Mindfully Wed- THE Eco Wedding Fair

Have you heard of Mindfully Wed? It's a boutique eco-wedding fair here in Sydney.
And it is happening THIS WEEKEND!
I was lucky to team up with a whole bunch of their select "green" & ethical vendors for a photo-shoot lately and let me tell you: This event is not to be missed!
Get your tickets and meet a lot of talented, passionate, like-minded people that can help you realise your green goddess bridal dream and create a wedding that doesn't cost the earth!

The event itself is going to be quite something, with live music, nibbles and some useful planning tools included in the tickets, this will make wedding planning as fun as it should be.

(I won't be able to be there in person (insert sad face) as I am still having all hands full with baby Faye and work right now, but you can find other great green vendors & I highly recommend that you will check it out!)

For some more ideas and inspo check out Eco-Stylists Faye De Lanty's green wedding ideas.

Happy Planning!


Vegan Shoes & Bags - Why I stopped wearing leather


I really love dressing up. I always have. You might know that I have studied fashion design!?
While I try my best to shop ethically or find secondhand treasures, my best fashion decision has been to give up leather! Yet I have not had to compromise to wear cool sneakers, nice heals or comfy & stylish sandals. I own a luxurious wallet and pretty bags.
All of which are: Vegan!


There are so many good reasons for it! It was just about aligning my actions with my beliefs.
I know, we are all so set in our ways and it's easy to overlook buying decisions that we are just to used to. Although I have been a lifelong Vegetarian and long-term vegan, I have still had leather shoes and bags in my wardrobe until last year. Many times I made an effort to buy non-leather pieces, yet I still owned quite a few. There was a time this just didn't feel right anymore and items had to be donated. I felt like a fraud walking around in these things that so clearly weren't in line with my ethics.
I don't want any animals to suffer for my vanity, in 2017 we simply don't need fur, leather, wool or other animal products to keep warm or look good. Leather has a huge negative impact on the environment, just in case you thought of it as a "natural" material. The way it is processed is highly toxic and pollutes waterways and harms the people who are producing it.
Once you do your research it becomes clear that it is the most unsustainable material and simply a bad choice.


Today I wanted to share a little interview with Debbie, founder of the Humankind online store.
She brought more beautiful,  high-quality vegan brands of shoes & bags to Australia, which
You might have spotted my current favourite sneakers and oxfords already on my personal blog and Instagram, which are available at her fabulous little store.


Tell us a little about yourself!
I am a mother of 3 and originally a dietitian by profession. I have always been an animal lover - as a 10-year-old child I would gather signatures from family and friends for petitions to ban the Canadian seal hunt and the culling of kangaroos. I stopped eating meat at the age of 16 and in the last 10 years or so I have been gradually reducing my use of all animal products, including leather. It was my search for high-quality, fashionable and affordable vegan leather bags, shoes and accessories, and a desire to make these more available here in Australia, that led me to establish Humankind.

Why did you stop wearing leather?
Although I stopped eating meat many years ago, the more I read and watched and learned I realised that if I really cared deeply about animals and wanted to avoid harming them, I needed to stop wearing leather too. Many people view leather as a by-product of the meat industry, however, as animal skins, sold as leather, are very valuable, they should really be considered more a ‘co-product’ of the meat industry, which contributes to an increased demand for more animals to be raised and killed.

What are the benefits of not wearing leather?
Knowing that you are not contributing to the harming of animals.

What is the biggest difference in wearing vegan leather alternatives?
The biggest difference would be that no animals are harmed in the process of making vegan leather alternatives.

Is vegan leather better for the planet?
A lot has been written criticizing vegan leather but the truth is animal leather is terrible for the environment. This is because of the tanning process, which conditions the skins, involves the use of many toxic chemicals, which are hazardous to the environment, waterways and the workers who work in the tanneries. The alternative leather industry has developed methods to produce materials from natural products, such as pineapples and mushrooms, and is continuously evolving. I think we’re going to see a lot of new leather alternatives, that not only avoid harming animals, but also avoid harming the environment, in the next few years.

How can people find fashionable alternatives?
When I stopped wearing leather about 10 years ago it was really hard to fashionable vegan leather bags and shoes. I would carry around a grungy canvas bag and wear Converse sneakers in the winter and Havaiana thongs in the summer. Things have changed so much since then and there is a great range of products now available, especially online. Humankind is a great place to start ;-)


How did you select the brands in your store?
For me to stock something in my store I have to personally love it and have tried it out myself. I certainly had lots of fun sampling things in the early phases – all in the name of research of course! I only sell great quality products as I want customers to have a good experience with their vegan bags, shoes and accessories.

What's next for Humankind?
I intend to expand the range of vegan leather bags, shoes and accessories I stock so people who choose not to wear leather here in Australia and around the world have a great range of products to choose from. I’m on a mission to prove that you don’t need to sacrifice style or quality just because you don’t wear leather and I’d like to take that message mainstream!

Do you have a vegan style muse/inspiration?
I love nature and colour and I’m drawn to a casual, earthy aesthetic.


All Images of vegan Bags & Shoes available at the Humankind online store
/ Credits: Via Humankind Instagram

Thank you for your time and for bringing more vegan accessories to Australia, Debbie!