pumpkin salad x pumpkin dress : paperwork

Autumn is here.
It's time for dinner with friends, green tea and Korean cookies.
Pumpkin time. Apple pies. More sleep. Making plans. Wearing tights, socks and hats.
It's the time where the cold air makes my morning coffee taste like a soya-milk-froth-cloud-heaven again.

We had our friends Sadie, Susan, Chad and Halina over for a big Autumn dinner on Saturday.
Susan brought the cutest little sweets from a Korean supermarket.
Sunday was lazy time, staying in bed extra long and browsing around at vintage shops and markets.
Sadly I forgot to charge the battery of our camera = no photos of the weekend. Bummer.

In the evening we got all productive. Finally we sat down and started planning our big move to Australia.
One more year in London and loads of paperwork to do for my Visa.

I already made my decision: I will be happy where-ever or when-ever we'll go.